Do I have to be undressed or take any clothing off to receive my treatment?

This depends on the treatment. You will remain fully clothed for a Reiki and Indian Head Treatment. For Reiki, some people experience increased warmth so you may wish to remove a jumper/ fleece etc.

For Swedish Massage and Hot Stones you will need to remove your clothing. However you will only be uncovered on the area being massaged.  Full privacy will be provided.

Do you need to touch me?

For all treatments offered; yes.

Reiki can be delivered hands on or hands off – I only offer a hands on Reiki Treatment

How many sessions will I need?                                                                                                            

The amount of treatments required varies from person to person.  In general most problems will take time; healing is a process rather than an event.  A Holistic Practitioner may make a recommendation however; you should feel free to make the decision about the spacing of your treatments yourself.

Are you trained medically?

Holistic Practitioners are not trained in diagnosis and will not offer any diagnosis or prognosis.

If you are concerned you should consult with your GP

Can I have a treatment if I have a serious or terminal illness?

Yes you can although this is dependent on the illness; contraindications*are in place for specific treatments and this will be discussed and reviewed at the time of Consultation.

*A contraindicationis a condition or factor that serves as a reason to withhold a certain medical treatment due to the harm that it would cause.

Can I have a treatment if I have an infectious disease?

Treatments will not be offered in this instance; it is recommended you consult with your GP.

Can I have a treatment if I am pregnant?

It is important to seek care from a certified prenatal massage therapist.  Certified therapists have received specialist training and know how to address specific pregnancy and massage needs.

I do not offer any holistic treatment at any stage of pregnancy.

Can I have a treatment if I am a new mum?

If you have just become a new mum – Congratulations!

Reiki Treatments and Indian Head Massage can be offered post 2 weeks after giving birth.

Swedish Massage and Hot Stones can be offered post 6 weeks after giving birth*.

*If the birthing process was difficult and surgery was required then a GP letter is required.

Can you give my pet a Reiki treatment?

It is illegal to provide Reiki treatments to animals in the UK


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