Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us:

I had my first session with Helen and I was a bit dubious as I haven’t had Reiki before and really didn’t know what I was going to experience. I had Massage’s many times but never Reiki so a first for me. I can’t explain what I was feeling but it was a pure sense of calmness coming over me as if I was floating. After the session was over I felt reenergised and at Peace with myself, the feeling stayed with me for quite a few days and I was able to think more clearly.I’m going to have another session with Helen as I feel this is something even though I can’t explain it I feel my body and mind needs . I would thoroughly recommend Helen she has a gift that is very special.

My reiki treatment with Helen was my first reiki treatment and it was one of the most relaxing and mind clearing things I have ever experienced. Having never had reiki treatment before and finding it difficult to switch off I thought reiki may be a way of relaxing me for a bit and feeling a bit more at peace with myself and it did exactly that.After my treatment I felt tired but in a state of calm and as though whatever happens is nothing worth panicking about. I had a slight tingly sensation as well straight after, which felt quite nice. The intense feeling of calm stayed with me for about 2 days after and then only faded very slightly. I would absolutely recommend reiki treatment to anyone whether for just relaxation or if you feel stressed or worried and I would definitely go back for further treatments.

I was off work with stress and had been advised to seek a Reiki treatment by friends and was a little nervous, and perhaps even sceptical, before the session. I was certainly very tenses. Helen immediately put me at ease and chatted through how I was feeling and what had been going on in my life. She also ran through some breathing exercises which immediately helped relax me as she started the treatment. Initially I felt areas of my skin warm up as Helen placed her hands on my spine and this was very relaxing and certainly I felt a huge release of stress as she moved to my shoulders. I also felt quite emotional at times. Through the treatment I became so relaxed that I fell asleep which was just lovely. Afterwards I felt like a burden had been lifted off me – I felt lighter somehow and ‘glowing’. It really helped me at a point when I was feeling poorly with stress and I benefitted from a second session a few weeks later. I’m now looking to have regular sessions.

I would highly recommend Helen as she really takes the time to talk through the treatment and understand what you’re going through. I think she has real healing hands as cannot explain just how much better I felt at the end. What I also liked is that she approaches her life, and clients, very spiritually and mindfully. She also makes suggestions that complement the treatments around taking time out to look after your mind/body.

Having a full on job being a beauty therapist, managing a husband, two teenage girls, a dog and a home, I can get quite stressed and hold my tension across my shoulders and back.  I had read that a Reiki treatment is good for true mind and body relaxation and how it can re balance the energies that can become blocked through stress.So when I came across Helen two years ago I decided to give it a go. 

I found with the first treatment that although I relaxed and felt quite chilled for a couple of days that I didn’t feel a full sense of deep relaxation. I decided then to have a Reiki treatment more regularly and as such have a treatment every three weeks and have done so for the last two years.This paid off and very soon I found I was hitting a true relaxation, to the point that I feel quite spaced out after every treatment mentally and physically.Occasionally I have a Swedish massage from Helen and have found her massage to be one of the best I’ve had.  Helen has a natural way of healing, Helen has a wonderful energy about her and having worked in this industry myself for 15 years I have no hesitation in recommending Helen.

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